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Shes's dancing with the stars;
Living in the sky with diamonds.
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16th-Feb-2010 07:13 pm(no subject)
Mikey and Gerard

If you hadn't already guessed...
I don't use this as my blog anymore.
I'm so so sorry livejournal...
But I have been converted.

You can find my new blog here.


Feel free to read about my amazing life. Pssh haha.
Also beware. There is lot's of mcr spamming =]

I'll still use lj for commenting and communities and stuff.
Just not blog updates.

Thanks for letting me vent about my shit for 2 years
For the last time.

Tilly xo

14th-Oct-2009 08:09 pm - WOW AN UPDATE =D
Mikey and Gerard

So since I last posted I have
- Had my birthday party
- Been on holiday
- Made some friends
- Saw Basshunter and 3OH!3
- Gained a boyfriend
- Found out the dates for my families arrival
- Been worrying about a friend

My Birthday party was... interesting. I think thats the only real word I can use. There were lots of people "getting to know" eachother. I think that is all i'm going to say about that *cough insanemakeoutorgy cough*

My holiday was super fun. Got to see everyone and met some pretty super people. Went out drinking for the first time with Amy and her friends. Saw all the sites of Wellington with Brooke. Hung in good old Timaru with Jamie, and met her boyfriend Jamie (HAHA fucking weird right?) Wish I had seen Chris more though.

Jamie took me to see Basshunter and 3OH!3 on my last night as my birthday present. It was an amazing show. 3OH!3 were so much better than I thought they would be. And Basshunter was just fucking adorable. Love him so much more now. Me and Jamie got cool 3OH!3 shirts and Jamie caught Basshunters drink bottle. I hurt my rib though and it's still pretty sore.

Got a lovely new boyfriend by the name of Simon. He's pretty fantastic tbh =]

My Aunty, Uncle and Cousin are coming over from the 12th Dec - 1st Jan. Christmas and New Years with the family. So excited to see my favorite girl. She's gunna be almost 7. So big! Makes me feel old. Haha.

One of my friends is having a pretty bad time at the moment. And I can't do anything about it which is make me worry about said person even more. I don't know what to do. It's kind of driving me insane.

Since i've been back all i've done is hang with Simon, study, go for a check up and watch Glee.Woo yay home. Exciting. Haha

And on that note. I will leave you with something pretty to look at.

Oh how I love Mark Ronson
<insert young veins + mark ronson spaz here>

24th-Sep-2009 08:54 am - Laugh before you grin
Mikey and Gerard

KAYLEIGH AND AMY ARRIVE IN LIKE 11 HOURS! They are on the bus now. And I am in bed... Haha. The day is already going so slow. I got up super early to listen to an Empires interview which was adorable. Lots of cute little Tom laughs and Sean sounded amazing as usual. Then I earned some points on peta2. I am now 3000 points closer to that chicken shirt. And now i am updating... Gotta keep doing stuff or time will go even slower. My cobra tickets arrived yesterday but I wasn't here to sign for them, so I gotta pick them up at some point today. I should clean my room and set up beds. I'M TOO EXCITED!!!! I just want to dance. Gunna make coffeeeee. Expect photos of this weekend/next 2 weeks at some point =D

Love you all
Tilly xo

Today is the greatest day I've ever known
22nd-Sep-2009 11:44 pm - Happy Birthday You're 18...
Mikey and Gerard

So my birthday is over in 4 minutes.
Just wanted to update quickly and say I had an amazing day.
Lots and lots of smiles.

Cassie, Simon, Bryn and Sean came over this morning.
Then I went and saw Nanny =]
Lunch and drinks with Mother and Nana
Drinks at home with my new Russell Brand dvd
Webcam with Brooke and texting Simon =]
Livejournal make over... Haha

I bought my first legal drink
First legal pack of smokes
And had my first ID check

Talked to the overseas family on the phone
And got a million texts and tweets,

My day couldn't of been any better

Tomorrow - Work
Thursday - Amy and Kayleigh arrive
Saturday - Wellington =]

I'm still a little drunk
Going to stay up till it wears off
Might watch Doctor Who =]

Tom Felton, Adam Lazzara, Bilbo Baggins
Frodo Baggins
annnnnd afavoritemelody

I love you all
Tilly xo

Living like lifes going out of style
Mikey and Gerard

So this week is amazing. Just thought I would tell you that.

21st September - (aka today) Buying Cobra tickets, Work
22nd September - (aka TOMORROW!) 18th Birthday =]
23rd September - Work >.<
24th September - Kayleigh and Amy arrive =D
25th September - Birthday Party with the BFFLZ
26th September - Fly to Wellington
1st October - Fly to Christchurch. See Chris and Jamie =D
10th October - 3OH!3 with Jamie
11th October - Fly home.
12th October - Sleep all day. Recovery.

Expect a massive picspam when I get back.
Birthday party photos and trip photos.

I probably wont update before then
Until then I am going to play xbox
and watch Doctor Who to pass the time.

But I love you all
Specially [info]afavoritemelody

They say it's your birthday, it's my birthday too yeah.

7th-Sep-2009 04:08 pm(no subject)
Mikey and Gerard

I know I haven't been on for like 5 weeks, so a massive update is definatly coming your way.
Right now i'm too sick to sit her for an hour and make my life sound interesting,
so i'm going to watch torchwood instead.

Love you all.
Tilly xo

We're like two angels who are made of the same air.
2nd-Aug-2009 03:50 pm - I'm on a boat mother fucker
Mikey and Gerard
Last night was amazing. I got made to wear a dress, kidnapped, taken to a boat and partied till 5am. Everyone was dressed up and we had wine and cocktails and many other fancy drinks. Many hilarious things happened including a guy fighting for my honor. A girl puking overboard. Drunken hookups, stupid texts, lots and lots of dancing and just general drunken antics. Apparently I tried to climb the mast and tie my scarf at the top. And I decided I hated my heels so I threw them in the sea. Alex fished them out with a net for me.

Today I feel like shit. Which I guess is proof of a fantastic night.
So i'm going to leave it at that for now and get some more coffee.

Tilly [officiallylovesboats]
30th-Jul-2009 01:40 pm - Ladders and Black Cats
Mikey and Gerard

Today has been weird. I was kinda all over the place. Didn't know if I was angry or happy or selfhating or hyper. I'm pretty chill now though. Probably cause I just smoked up in the garden. There were daisies and the grass was wet. I'm pretty sure the back of my panic shirt is all muddy now. Anyway. I am currently enrolling for correspondence so i can get my uni credits. I'm gunna blow you away with my knowledge on english literature, and i million other useless subjects, just you wait and see.
I bought Frankies birthday present today. That list of hers was mighty helpful. I suck at buying presentts for people other than my mother and cassie. Probably cause i know them both better than myself. Anyway, i thought i would post a list of my own. Cause i know how annoying birthday gift shopping can be. Even though i'm pretty easy to buy for.

- Red shoes, A Tambourine, Hats, Cigarettes, A Globe
- The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
- The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka
- Looking For Alaska - John Green
- Tshirts (band, movie etc) Plain hoodies, A Sparkly Belt, Pink or Black Skinnies
- Harry Potter shit, Original disney movies, OMG A WAND 
- Jon Walker, Brendon Urie, Kris Allen, Frank Iero, Tom Felton =P

But really, anything you think I will like will be great. or you could just give me a hug. I like hugs.
Anyway. Gotta finish enrolling. Love you all.

- Tilly xo

OH BTW - Totally in love with both New Perspective and Change. Both are already the top 2 most played songs on my itunes. I'm starting to see that silver lining Daniel was talking about.
17th-Jul-2009 06:47 pm(no subject)
Mikey and Gerard

50 Book Challenge!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - J.K. Rowling
2- Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World - Haruki Murakami
3- Dance Dance Dance - Harukii Murakami
4- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - J.K. Rowling ***
5- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling *
6- Looking For Alaska - John Green
7- The Perks Of Being A Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
8- Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens
9- The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown
10- Angels and Demons - Dan Brown
11- Dreamseller - Brandon Novak
12- Kafka on the Shore - Haruki Murakami *

I'm getting there people. I'm getting there.
Bookshopping tomorrow. Exciting

14th-Jul-2009 08:43 am - Less than one star away.
Mikey and Gerard
- Still upset and confused about this whole patd thing.
- My Stepdad is in hospital. Second time this week. His lung collapsed.
- I'm supposed to be at work. Couldn't be fucked so I am fake sick.
- I miss Sean. Alot.
- My Aunty found me a copy of the Adam Lambert rolling stone.
- Harry Potter tomorrow, which makes all the bad stuff better.
- I love the stars.

I miss you all
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